Does a Policyholder Have a Right to Select Independent Counsel To Represent It When the Insurance Company Reserves Its Rights?

Dear Insured

Most liability insurance policies – whether they be commercial general liability, business owners, errors and omissions, homeowners or auto – require the insurance company to defend the policyholder against lawsuits where the plaintiff is seeking damages potentially covered by the insurance policy.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Lawyer

In just about every publication aimed at the legal profession there will be an article about the joys of being a lawyer.  In such articles, the lawyer will often tell a story about his or her humble beginnings and how, through hard work and determination, they were able to complete law school and pass the bar.  The article will usually go on to describe the joys of helping people and serving the community.  I do not doubt the sincerity of those authors.  I too am at my happiest when I am serving a noble cause and helping my fellow man.  Assuming those are the noble reasons for being a lawyer, the following are the Top Five other reasons I love being a lawyer.

Attention all Homeowners Associations: Are You Compliant?

HOANot long ago, the Texas Legislature passed a series of laws which significantly alter the rights and responsibilities of homeowners associations.  While some associations or HOA’s have complied with these new rules, many still have not, probably because they are unaware of them.HOA’s need to be aware of these new laws, however, because a failure to follow them can prevent the HOA from exercising its rights and enforcing various restrictive covenants against its members. 

Forbes Selects Saunders, Walsh & Beard as a Top Law Firm

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We are pleased to announce that Saunders, Walsh & Beard has been chosen by Forbes as a member of the inaugural Legal Black Book. The Forbes Legal Black Book is comprised of “elite law firms recognized for providing critical legal services.”  Selection is based on a firm’s “track record of providing outside counsel to top corporations, practice area range and focus, and high rankings for quality of execution in multiple reviews.”  This honor was a surprise to us, but we believe it is a reflection of the quality of our growing clientele.  Thank you!

To view the Forbes Legal Black Book list, please click the link below.

Written Discovery: Mad Max and the Thunderdome


Picture the Thunderdome.  A shadow filed, iron caged, dome with a dirt floor the color of rust from recently spilled blood.  The moving shadows are created by the post-apocalyptic spectators hanging along the outside of the cage, clad in various leather costumes with open sores oozing puss.  You are Mad Max, you have a whistle, and your opponent is Master Blaster, a physically intimidating champion controlled by a small genius.  “Two men enter, one man leaves!  Two men enter, one man leaves.”