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Texas Jurisdiction Challenge Lawyer

If you or your business has been sued and is outside of the state, you need a qualified Texas jurisdiction challenge lawyer to represent you. What makes an attorney qualified? These two things: experience and a successful track record. As a complicated area of the law involving constitutional due process, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience concerning personal jurisdiction.

If you already have a corporate attorney or small business lawyer working with you, that is fine. Our TX jurisdiction challenge attorney can work closely with them to help your company get through this process with as few hiccups as possible. Texas procedures are different from other states and can cause inexperienced clients and out-of-state attorneys who are not familiar with the process much duress. A failure in the proper navigation of the process can result in a waiver of any challenge to jurisdiction. It is therefore vitally important to have a TX jurisdiction challenge attorney with expertise in this area and a proven track record of obtaining dismissal of out-of-state clients in other cases.

At the Texas law firm of Saunders, Walsh & Beard, we have composed a unique group of Texas jurisdiction challenge lawyers specifically devoted to helping out-of-state businesses who have been wrongly sued in Texas. These are clients who should be dismissed from the litigation because they dont have significant contacts or ties with the State of Texas. We help clients assert their jurisdictional challenges in Texas’ trial and appellate courts. Our goal is to obtain a dismissal of the out-of-state business from the litigation, and save them the time and cost of having to defend against a lawsuit in the State of Texas. We work with the client, and in many cases the client’s own local attorney, to achieve that goal.

At Saunders, Walsh & Beard, our group of Texas jurisdiction challenge lawyers are able to leverage our experience in this specialized area of the law, which enables us to complete the necessary tasks more efficiently. This, in turn, saves out-of-state clients substantial annoyance and expense of having to defend against litigation filed in Texas.