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Texas Personal Jurisdiction Lawyer

Many people question why and when they need a Texas personal jurisdiction lawyer. The answer is simple, if you live and do business outside of the state but find yourself in a dispute in the state, you will need to contact an experienced TX personal jurisdiction attorney who will offer you the best chance to obtain a dismissal, saving you the time and expense of having to defend yourself against a lawsuit in Texas.Texas attracts many people and organizations from outside the state for business, tourism, etc. Inevitably, disputes will arise and will need to be adjudicated by the court system. It doesnt matter what kind of legal issue you are involved in. If you have been named in a Texas

  • civil suit,
  • breach of contract,
  • partnership disagreement

or any other legal dispute, before the courts can intervene, their power over the individuals and companies involved must first be established. This is where an experienced TX personal jurisdiction attorney can assist you. At the Texas law firm of Saunders, Walsh & Beard, we have formed a unique practice group of Texas personal jurisdiction lawyers devoted to specifically assisting out-of-state individuals and businesses who have been wrongly sued in Texas. We work with the client, and in many cases the client’s own local attorney, to dismiss them from the litigation based on a lack of personal jurisdiction under the due process clauses of the Texas and United States Constitutions.

We are experienced in this specific area of the law and use our knowledge to assist clients who have no meaningful contacts or ties with the State of Texas. We know the states procedure for challenging personal jurisdiction, which is called a special appearance. Obtaining a dismissal isnt easy, but can be accomplished.

Allow our Texas personal jurisdiction lawyers to guide you and any counsel you might already have obtained through the unfamiliar procedures and process of a special appearance.