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Experienced Judgment Collection Lawyer Serving Collin County

Jacob D. Thomas, construction lawyer in McKinney, TX
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Saunders, Walsh & Beard has attorneys experienced in collecting foreign (out-of-state) and domestic (in-state)
judgments. If it’s an issue of collecting on a judgment in Texas, we are ready to work to collect on your behalf as quickly as possible.
Once the judgment has been awarded, the plaintiff (judgment creditor has the responsibility of enforcement. The process included one or more of the following steps:
  • 1. Abstract of Judgment or Domestication
    The first step in collection is securing the judgment lien by filing an abstract of judgment. If the judgment was awarded in a jurisdiction other than Texas, it is considered a foreign-judgment and the judgment must first be domesticated before an abstract can be filed.
  • 2. Writ of Garnishment
    A writ of garnishment allows a judgment creditor to secure assets held by a third party on behalf of the judgment debtor, usually a bank. The process of obtaining a writ of garnishment in Texas is complex, but, if successful, the creditor can freeze any accounts affiliated with the debtor until the desired amount of assets are turned over.
  • 3. Writ of Execution
    This documentation allows the local sheriff or constable to take possession of non-exempt assets from a judgment-debtor and sell the items to a partially or fully satisfy the judgment.
  • 4. Turnover Order
    An extraordinary remedy by which the judgment debtor’s physical assets are turned over to the court for execution.

Saunders Walsh & Beard offers various fee options for judgment collections. Including hourly, flat fee, and contingency. Our representation is intended to assist you and your business in all legal needs. To make arrangements for an initial consultation with one of our top-rated attorneys, call our law office directly at (214) 919-3555.

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