Regarding the Firm

“I would highly recommend the law firm of Saunders, Walsh and Beard. They are a team of lawyers that you can trust. They take the time to listen to my needs and then get the job done. I have used them for estate planning, medical contract reviews, property purchases, and litigation concerns. Each and every time, I was treated with respect, dignity and compassion. They cared about my needs more than making a profit. They are seasoned attorneys with extensive training and experience in a wide variety of law concerns. As a busy medical professional that understands the benefit of efficiency, one of the great things about this group is that they always got the work done in a timely manner. Not once have I ever had to call and ask where the work product was.
I am so fortunate to have this group of attorneys on my side.” – John Van Wagoner, MD

J. Brantley Saunders

“We were referred to Saunders, Walsh and Beard by another real estate mortgage lawyer, and in short it was an answer to our prayers. We never imagined ourselves in a law suit, having never previously been involved in one. It was a real eye opener!  Through the wonderful diligence as well as competence of Brantley Saunders and everyone at that wonderful law firm, mediation was arranged and we were finally made whole, and were then able to get on with our life in retirement.

Brantley, his associates as well as the legal assistants we got to know, felt like friends by the end of this ordeal. They treated us with such respect, generosity, and kindness, sharing their knowledge with us during the process, keeping us informed every step of the way. It can only be described as a godsend.

We will forever be thankful for all of them at Saunders, Walsh and Beard. Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in a similar situation, but if you do, look them up.” – Greg Goodwin

“Brantley, I will never be able to thank you enough for your expertise and direction in resolving this lawsuit. Your advice on somewhat confusing matters was invaluable. You are very much appreciated by myself and Plano Housing Authority.” – Helen Macey, Executive Director of Plano Housing Authority

Brantley saves the day! When we started our business—a ranch specializing as an equine boarding and training facility—little did we dream we would ever get dragged into a lawsuit. We knew we were in the right, but that doesn’t always guarantee a favorable outcome. At stake was our livelihood and our reputations. Upon first discussing the details and merits of the case with Brantley, we felt at ease, as we knew we were being represented by someone with experience, professionalism, and persistence. He and his team were wonderful in keeping us informed throughout the process. To be vindicated in court and have the case summarily dismissed is everything we could have hoped for, and that’s exactly what they accomplished for us. Brantley Saunders does amazing work and is an outstanding attorney. Without reservation, we highly recommend Saunders, Walsh and Beard!”  – David Williamson,  Wolfcamp Equine Center, LLC

“I have worked with several attorneys in the past, and Mr. Saunders is among the best. His professionalism is unsurpassed. He is extremely responsive to the needs of his client, and keeps the client updated throughout the case. Even during busy times when I had to leave a message, my call was returned in a timely manner. I highly recommend him!” – David

“I defended a personal injury case in which Brantley represented the premises owner and I represented the builder. I observed Brantley’s high level of preparation and tenacity through the trial court and again on appeal. He is an excellent lawyer, and a credit to the profession.” – Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Dallas, TX

“I have seen Brantley in action on several civil cases – he is an outstanding lawyer in every regard! Additionally, Brantley cares about his clients which renders him a great lawyer.” – Posted by a Judge on Martindale Hubbell

Excellent all around attorney.” – Posted by a Judge on Martindale Hubbell

Excellent Attorney!” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Martindale Hubbell

“Very competent and experienced trial lawyer. Not afraid of trying cases.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Martindale Hubbell

“I have been a property owner and out of state landlord for many years and I have been very fortunate to have had very few issues over this time. Unfortunately, my luck ran out and I was forced into legal issues that were the enough to break many people both emotionally and financially. Fortunately, I found the right attorney in Brantley Saunders of Saunders, Walsh & Beard. Not only did Brantley represent me very well through multiple levels of the Collin County and State of Texas Court system (JP, County, 5th District Court of Appeals, and beyond), he helped me mediate a fair deal with a combination of attorneys representing the other side. Through all of this, Brantley’s demeanor and professionalism were the saving grace for me, as it often was close to becoming more than I could handle. I am confident that if I ever need another attorney to represent me in legal situations that involve real estate, Brantley is who I will turn to for support. I highly recommend Brantley Saunders and his team at Saunders, Walsh & Beard.” – David Arthur

“My name is Chuck Hall and I’m a resident of Trophy Club, Texas. My case involved youth sports (baseball), where I was the President of the Board. I was sued for doing my job as the leader of this organization when someone disagreed with my handling of an event that called for quick action and resolution. Brantley and his firm represented me. He could relate to my challenges as he had the experience of a youth baseball board member as well. He and his company were extremely professional, very thorough, and always prompt with keeping me current on all events. Needless to say, he helped me win our case. I would highly recommend Brantley and his firm in representing anyone with their legal challenges as they relate to litigation or transactional work.” – Chuck Hall 

Mark A. Walsh

“I had a small amount of work I needed done for my business and investments. Mark and Katie still handled everything like I was a big client! They were prompt in returning emails or calls. I never had to ask what the status was. They were clear in what they needed and when everything would be done. All the while being friendly! I would highly recommend them for anything you need done for your business. I will definitely be back the next time I need assistance.” – Andrea Travillian – Smart Step, Inc

“Being a tier-one contractor requires a top attorney who completely understands the financial environment of the day. Given the opportunity, Mark has always provided sound advice, and continually protects the financial interest of our company from those customer/clients that are reluctant to pay on time or pay at all. Mark consistently protects our lien/bond rights and ensures that all notices and/or filings are accurate and timely. In many cases there are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, and at the same time on the small items just as much expertise and passion is provided. The one unmistakeable attribute that will be discovered with a very short period of time is Mark will never spend your money in a frivolous matter, and his counsel always has an efficient and economical means to the end.” – Executive with Nations Roof

I would hire him.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Martindale Hubbell

“I had a case with Mark in which he exhibited many fine traits of congeniality, professionalism, and legal skill. He is an excellent lawyer. He has my highest reccommendation.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Matindale Hubbell

“Mark is a very good construction lawyer. I have known Mark for 10+ years and worked with him got several years. Mark is very capable and possesses good judgement.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Matindale Hubbell

“Mark handled a complex legal dispute I had with a contractor. The result was he negotiated a settlement that included post-judgment collection costs. As with many legal issues, there are several strategies to consider. Mark made sure I understood all possible outcomes and would provide several different ways to tackle each step. He spent my retainer wisely, and I definitely got my money’s worth. In addition, he has a competent, detail-oriented staff who cares about a client’s case. Every call or email was returned promptly throughout the entire process. Mark has business expertise, too, so I hired him to form a second business I started in 2012. If I ever have any kind of legal issue, Mark is the first person I will call. I trust his advice, and definitely would hire him again.” – Rebecca Jones, co-founder of Long Range Systems

“I have known and worked with Mark for many years. He is a skilled and capable lawyer and knows his field well.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Martindale Hubbell

“Impressive individual personally and professionally. Excellent and cordial litigator.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Martindale Hubbell

“I have worked with Mark Walsh on several cases in the past. The most recent was a multi-party construction contract. In working with Mark in the past, it was easy to recognize his capabilities regarding law, however, I had not, before this case, spent time with him in a mediation. During this multi-party suit, I saw abilities in Mark that I had not seen before. During the mediation, he showed proficiency in presenting technical issues, but more importantly, he was direct, strong, though fair, and unbending with the mediator when he needed to be. At the conclusion of the mediation, I felt we received an award in an amount well in excess of the amount I anticipated, and felt that was due to the approach that Mark took throughout the mediation. There is law, and then there is the application of law in the various settings ( court, mediation, arbitration, etc. ), the ability to stress the critical points at the appropriate time, and the ability to negotiate, and the knowledge and experience when not to negotiate down from your position. As I said, I felt I had seen Mark’s capabilities in the field of law before this case, however, as a result of this case; I saw a broader view of his capabilities in this field, and feel even more comfortable because of that going forward.” – Executive with Local Government Orginization

“Mark is a capable young lawyer who is aggressive and represents his clients well.” – Posted by a Private Practice Attorney on Martindale Hubbell

Alexander N. Beard

“I was involved in a lawsuit and needed immediate legal advice and counsel. After extensive research, I chose the law firm of Saunders, Walsh & Beard. The attorney that was selected to represent me was Alexander Beard. From the very beginning I noticed that Mr. Alex Beard was not only ethical, knowledgeable and experienced in the case matter, but that he cared for his clients. Mr. Alex Beard always followed up with me, answered all my questions, and treated me with respect and honesty. Alex and his firm were very efficient, forthright and diligent through the whole process. They worked around my time and availability as well as customizing payments to fit my financial needs. It was very reassuring to know that not only did I have a competent team working my case, but also a caring and humane one, that took my case with the utmost importance and sense of urgency. The case ended up in our favor thanks to this firm’s diligence and excellence.” – Malcolm JeanPierre

“Alex Beard provided our out-of-state client with excellent trial and appellate court representation on a novel contract matter involving jurisdictional issues. Mr. Beard was extremely thorough and kept us informed of all significant developments in the litigation. He successfully defended our client and, in the process, saved it a substantial amount of money.- J. Matthew Carey – Carey, Niemi & Stout – Louisville, Kentucky

“My name is SuZann Kloesel. My daughter passed away on February 23, 2011. There were two life insurance policies on her life. One paid death benefits immediately. The other claim was denied. I contacted Alex Beard who vigorously pursued this action on my behalf against the insurance company. After battling with the insurance company for many months, Alex was able to settle my claim through mediation. I was very impressed with Alexs professionalism and passion in defending my rights. Alex was able to ease the emotional stress for me by successfully handling all aspects of my case. I would refer Alex Beard to everyone I know for above and beyond representation.”

Jacob D. Thomas

“Jacob and his paralegal Carly were my champions! As a woman in construction, we are often discounted, ignored and sometimes taken advantage of as was my case against an unscrupulous general contractor. At the very first meeting, Jacob let me know that he took my case seriously and was truly interested in righting this wrong. He listened to my frustrations and turned my anger into an aggressive yet constructive case which we won all of what we were owed & all fees! Fantastic job!” 

“Over the past 5 years I have retained or consulted with Jacob D. Thomas on three separate occasions. One of the consultations was to seek a second opinion of a legal matter being handled by one of the large Dallas firms. While representing my interest Mr. Thomas exceeded expectations and quickly resolved a pending legal issue. I have met with Mr. Thomas in his law office, and felt that he was totally engaged in the issue at hand. I have also spoken with Mr. Thomas via telephone regarding negotiations of a settlement in a legal matter. All encounters with Mr. Thomas have been prompt, professional and comfortable. Mr. Thomas is intelligent and has a strong grasp of the law and provides explanations clearly and precisely. An impressive factor when dealing with Mr. Thomas is his prompt response to messages and focus on where the legal issue currently stands, not necessary to “refresh” him each time you speak. In thirty years of private business I have dealt with many attorneys, Mr. Thomas rates among the best. Mr. Thomas had the respect of opposing counsel which I felt was helpful in settling my legal issues out of court. He also clearly articulated the path of the legal issue and the progression should a settlement not have been reached. In my case Mr. Thomas was well versed on the pending legal issue and able to quickly point out what issues were not valid by the opposing parties. Mr. Thomas provides the highest quality of legal advice and representation. As well, Mr. Thomas is easy to communicate with and genuinely concerned about the outcome of the case and his client. Should I need legal representation in the future I would certainly contact Mr. Thomas.”

Jacob did everything he said he would and more. He made me feel at ease during a very trying time. He kept telling me “don’t you worry, that’s what you have me for.” I put my problems in his hands and he took great care of me. I hope I never have to go through that type of situation again but if I ever do, Jacob will be the first one I call.”

“I was referred to Jacob a few years ago by a mutual friend and it was of great benefit. A 2 year case ended up in court with a very David and Goliath scenario with Jacob facing multiple attorneys by himself in a jury trial where we were the plaintiff. After a week-long trial the jury returned in just a couple hours with a decision in our favor. He was absolutely remarkable and a first class attorney and stuck to the facts with NO court room antics or attempts to humiliate the defendant even though that was what we faced. I was very proud to be represented by an extremely knowledgeable man that made me believe the good morals of humanity can still prevail over evil.”

“I endorse this lawyer. Jacob Thomas is a leader in the construction law community. He has the experience to litigate the most challeng[ing] cases, he’s not afraid of the courtroom, and he is one of the smartest lawyers I know. If I had a construction law problem I would hire Jacob before the other side does.” – Local Attorney

“Mr. Thomas accepted a litigation case at a very critical time in the legal process. He quickly understood all the issues involved and the many unusual circumstances that had occurred prior to being retained. His attention to detail and strategic positioning of those details allowed for a very acceptable settlement. The communication from Mr. Thomas and the staff at Saunders, Walsh, & Beard is first class and always timely. I highly recommend this firm.” – Jim Coleman

“Mr. Thomas met with me on extremely short notice and provided me with the legal counsel that I desperately needed. I was approaching the end of a contract that I believed to be shady, (it demanded a high contract-breaking fee), and I wanted to know if it was legal to hold me to the amount given my current situation. Mr. Thomas walked me through three different avenues of contract termination without providing a bias towards any. When I sought his personal opinion, the choice ended up being the one that was in my best interest. I highly recommend Mr. Jacob Thomas; he is a gentleman and a scholar and I will definitely rely on his services in the future.”

“After working with another lawyer who was not getting results, I contacted Mr. Thomas and he exceeded my expectations in every way. If you want a serious, well researched, business-like approach Jacob Thomas is a great choice.” – Mr. Matthews

“Mr. Thomas was extremely knowledgeable in construction law. He was able to resolve our issues with multiple contractors very professionally and in a timely manner. He has excellent communication skills ensuring that we knew exactly what was happening and kept us up to date every step of the way. We had an excellent outcome and recommend him highly and will use him again if needed.”

Robert “Bob” Garrey

“April 12 I was served with a Notice of Civil Litigation in Collin County. I called Barbara Jouette, an attorney and friend. Barbara referred me to the Saunders, Walsh & Beard Law Firm whom I called right away. Bob Garrey, a partner in the firm, returned my call and met with me the very next day. Bob was exceedingly gracious in listening to my story and guiding me to my point as necessary. He asked what I would like the outcome to be and what I would be willing to do if it became necessary to settle in order to get it behind me. He assured me he would call the plaintiff’s attorney the next business day and make him aware that he doesn’t know his client or the facts in this matter. Initially, the plaintiff insisted on going forward with his claim. However, Bob was firm with opposing counsel and continued to push for dismissal of this entire law suit. Not only was Bob successful in obtaining dismissal with prejudice, within two weeks of my receiving service, but he did so with no cost to me or my family. I believe God sent me to Bob when I was in desperate need of someone to listen and give me assurance that this situation is gone forever. I will be forever grateful to Bob Garrey and the Saunders, Walsh & Beard Law Firm.” – Ms. Gaddis