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Local Legal Counsel in Collin County:

Saunders, Walsh & Beard is familiar with the unique legal issues that arise when a company or individual is sued in Collin County. We know the “lay of the land” in our home County and are happy to help lawyers and clients navigate local rules, customs, and specific practices of judges and courts to ensure each client is fully and fairly represented in Collin County.

Benefits for Lawyers Seeking Collin County Legal Representation:

Lawyers call upon Saunders, Walsh & Beard to serve as their local counsel when such expertise is needed. Our attorneys offer knowledge of local court rules, familiarity with Collin County judicial procedures, and strong relationships with the Collin County Bar. We establish strong relationships with, and cooperate with counsel in achieving common goals and have access to online portals, records etc.

Benefits of Having a Collin County Attorney for Clients:

With Saunders, Walsh & Beard as local counsel, clients know their interests will be protected with the same quality representation expected of attorneys in their home county. Our services include, but are not limited to, assisting with discovery, handling hearings or briefing assignments, preparing and presenting witnesses, picking juries, and addressing conflicts of interest. Handling hearings locally, in cooperation with primary counsel, and having a local office with conference rooms and full-service staff, can be cost efficient for the client, and a time saver for counsel.

Collin County Court Resources

Collin County District Court Judges Collin County Court at Law Judges

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