The Eagle Has Landed


There is nothing like Fall football, especially in Texas.  As a native Texan, one of my favorite sayings is “everything is bigger and better in Texas.” The Allen football stadium is no exception.

Last year, deficiencies were discovered that resulted in the closure of Allen’s $60 million Eagle Stadium.  Since that time, Mark Walsh, a founding partner of Saunders Walsh & Beard, has been working with AISD, Pogue Construction, and PBK Architects to diagnose, engineer, and create a long term solution to the issues. Implementing that solution, and getting it paid for by the original designers and builders (without litigation) required an aggressive and complex legal strategy, coupled with the cooperation of all parties.

Congratulations to Allen Independent School District, Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt, and Mark Walsh for developing and executing the legal strategy that got the stadium repaired, losses covered, all expenses paid, and the team back in their Stadium!

For details of the settlement reached, check out the articles below:


HOA Texas

Recent changes in the law finally give Texas homeowners a stick to fight back against abusive practices by Texas homeowners associations.  If you are reading this, you’ve no doubt heard of HOA horror stories. Perhaps you’ve been a victim of HOA harassment or bullying.  HOAs are not regulated by the state or federal government. They are often formed as “non-profit” corporations and claim to be “self-governing entities,” but all too often they act more like private governments, claiming the power to tax, have a police force, impose regulations, and dictate zoning.

Legal (and Common Sense) Advice for Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, it seems only fitting that it should be the topic of this week’s blog post.  While you are decorating your house, carving your pumpkins, and picking out your costumes, you might not be thinking about avoiding legal entanglements that may result from the celebration.  Thankfully, you read my blog, and I have compiled a short list of things for you to consider this holiday weekend:

Emails Can Create Enforceable Contracts

 Email Envelopw

Email has become the standard form of written communication in the business world.  It should come as no surprise that the laws have adapted to accommodate this new age of electronic communication.  We routinely enter into contracts while shopping online, but the formality of the experience leaves little question that we are entering into an enforceable agreement.  What many of us fail to recognize is that an enforceable agreement can be reached as a result of an exchange of emails.

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