Hugs Cafe: Creating Purpose for Those with Special Needs

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Hugs Cafe: Creating Purpose for Those with Special Needs

January 10, 2019
Find out more about Saunders, Walsh and Beard’s support for Hugs Cafe in McKinney

Hugs Cafe: Creating purpose for those with special needs

“They just want a purpose.”

Established in 2013, “Hugs Cafe” is a tangible manifestation of founder Ruth Thompson’s passion for helping people with special needs. While serving as the executive director of “New Day In-Home and Respite Care” in Parker, Colorado, Thompson saw a desperate need for opportunities for adults with special needs. There is a community that provides structure and things to do for children with special needs, but once they reach adulthood, they are often isolated at home with nothing to do.

Knowing that, Thompson combined her passion for food and helping others by teaching cooking classes to special needs adults twice a week at Market Street in McKinney, Texas. That, along with two vivid dreams, led her to create Hugs Cafe, a non-profit whose mission is to enhance the lives of adults with special needs through training an employment.

Each year, the Saunders, Walsh and Beard team supports Hugs Cafe’s initiatives such as the annual gala and other fundraisers. This year’s gala will be held on February 9th. Tickets and information are available here.

Through four key objectives of creating jobs, teaching skills, developing respect and changing lives, Hugs Cafe gives its employees (called “teammates”) a daily purpose and something to strive for in life. They look forward to coming in, and they take pride in knowing what they are supposed to do and executing it.

While many enjoy having a job at the cafe, there are some that are eager to transition their learned skills into job opportunities at other restaurants or even owning their own.

In addition to your tax-deductible donations, you can support Hugs Cafe by having lunch at its McKinney, Texas location on 224 E. Virginia between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

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