Saunders, Walsh & Beard Coronavirus Insurance Recovery Team

Most business-interruption coverage includes losses from physical damage caused by hurricanes, fires, winds or theft—not a virus. Lawmakers have recently urged insurers to provide business interruption coverage under existing commercial property policies for companies’ losses due to closures tied to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). These initial legislative efforts mark a good first step in trying to address companies’ business interruption coverage needs as the coronavirus crisis unfolds, but these matters are complex and will dictate the ultimate survival of countless businesses.

At Saunders Walsh & Beard, we help our clients (large and small) get the insurance coverage they paid for when they purchased their insurance policy. Two of our partners–Alex Beard and Mark Johnson–each have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and analyzing insurance policies.

If your business has insurance coverage, but has been denied coverage for economic losses caused by government shutdowns over coronavirus, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular case or situation. We provide a free, initial review of your company’s insurance policy to assess the coverage that is afforded. If your company’s insurance claim has already been denied, we will analyze the insurance company’s position, determine whether it is correct, and advise you of your company’s rights.

Call us today and schedule a time when we can discuss your particular insurance-related issue or dispute.