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Seek Contract Time Extensions | Weather Delays

February 17, 2021

Seek contract time extensions for weather delays. It is imperative for contractors and subcontractors to be aware of the change order processes in their contracts and follow the correct procedures for seeking an increase in their contract time, especially with the severe weather occurring in Texas this week. Do not put off submitting a change order seeking an extension of your contract time. Many contracts require that a change order arising from a delay must be submitted within a short period of time after the delay causing event. If the request for an extension is not submitted within that timeframe, the claim could be waived.

Avoid liquidated damages for delays caused by these abnormal weather conditions. Please contact the attorneys at Saunders, Walsh & Beard if you need assistance with reviewing your contracts or submitting requests for extensions of time.


Seek Contract Extensions with Saunders, Walsh & Beard

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