2015 is “in the books” — is it in your corporate books?


An out-of-date corporate book can cause unexpected legal problems!

It is important to keep your entity’s books up-to-date and to ensure compliance with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office and the Texas Comptroller’s Office.  Here are some common issues in need of updates:

  • Did your entity hold its required annual meeting and transcribe the minutes of that meeting?
  • Did your entity’s governing persons change during 2014-15?
  • Did ownership of the entity change during 2014-15?
  • Did your entity start transacting business in another state?
  • Did your entity start transacting business under a “DBA” or assumed name?
  • Did the registered agent information for your entity change?
  • Have additional shares or membership interests been issued?
  • Does your entity’s Company Agreement, Partnership Agreement, or Bylaws need to be updated to reflect changes or agreements between shareholders / partners / members?
  • Did you decide to terminate or wind up your entity?
  • If your entity experienced involuntary tax forfeiture, has your entity applied for reinstatement?

Other issues we assist clients with frequently are: lease renewals, real estate purchases, borrower financing representation, contract reviews, and collections.
Most of these updates take little time and can done very affordably.  Call anytime at (214) 919-3555.